Dear Bride and Groom,

I am delighted to welcome you on my website. If you’ve already searched every nook and cranny of the Internet looking for professional support in wedding coordination and planning, you have reached the destination!

Let me first congratulate you on your engagement and allow me to drop a couple of words about myself.

An interior designer by profession, a perfectionist by character, a wedding planner by calling.

I bet you would like to know how it all began…

My passion for nuptial festivities and wedding emotions triggered an idea to channel the surplus of creativity and positive energy to participate in designing the most beautiful memories of the day when you are formally declared a couple. All the romantic and passionate feelings as well as hopes for your shared future – those are the unique and the most intimate moments which I relish so much in this job. For that reason, my key area of expertise involves planning and coordinating a wedding day.

Eyes filled up with tears, amazing décor and artistic setting, great hospitality” – you often say when I ask about your wedding objectives. Still, expectations differ and that is why it is YOU and nobody else, who is my inspiration and whose story I tell through the event. Each and every time such an endeavor stands a great challenge, as each and every couple expect to meet their vision and ensure a stylish personalized experience. However, I wouldn’t be able to achieve all this single-handedly. If it wasn’t for an extensive and trusted network of specialists I cooperate with, an eye for detail combined with dedication to perfection and readiness for experiments, even the most spectacular ballroom or a wedding dress would not be sufficient to attain such success.

An unforgettable wedding day? How to achieve it? As you may already have guessed – there is no fool-proof recipe. The reason is one – far too many variations. Nevertheless, one of the most important elements in order to maintain an effective cooperation with a wedding planner is mutual respect and trust. Thanks to these principles I have managed to plan and coordinate truly personalized, stylish and authentic wedding days which moved not only the couples but also their guests.

Hope your wedding will be the next for me to conjure.

I will be delighted to meet you and listen…

See you soon

Karolina Wereszczyńska

A Wedding Planner


Your wedding day is approaching but no vision at all?
All that planning sets your teeth on edge or gives you migraines?
No idea what to choose – far too many options and no free time?

Let me deal with all that when you:

  • need support to create a vision and choose a leitmotif of your event,
  • have no time to spare and waste it on planning your wedding day,
  • have no idea what effect you would like to produce regarding a wedding ceremony and reception,
  • loathe all the fuss that has anything to do with planning/organizing every tiny detail which stands for a gazillion of choices,
  • live outside Poland and you would be happy to contact only one person regarding your wedding day arrangements.

Choose “Weselmy się Razem!” if you expect:

  • my full involvement in planning and coordinating your wedding day,
  • a creative approach – a conventional as well as more avantgarde style of wedding days;
  • professionalism – a wedding day concept built entirely on a meticulous needs analysis provided by a couple;
  • best specialists of the wedding sector regarding sessions with stylists, beauty experts, hairdressers, beauticians, gastronomy service, artistic setting, decorations as well as all the wedding day attractions, which are crucial to make you and your guests well-entertained;
  • timesaving effect – such aspects as searching for suppliers and service providers as well as looking for the venue will be taken care of.

Cooperation with

WESELMY SIĘ RAZEM! in 3 easy steps.

First contact

To book a consultation – contact me via phone or e-mail.


An arranged casual get-together over coffee or online to run through the key points, priorities, expectations and establish a wedding budget. Thanks to your input I am able to deliver the most accurate offer and costing of a wedding that you dream of.

Tailored offer*

Having discussed your wedding assumptions, I prepare a comprehensive offer along with costing and send these via e-mail. Once it is approved by you, we sign a contract for planning and coordination of your wedding day. That moment sets everything in motion.

The cost of the above service, apart from paid individual sessions, depends on selected options and starts at the amount of 3.500,00PLN.

From A to Z

What does ‘the right ballroom’ stand for? How to choose and book it?
Wedding colours and wedding invitations steal your sleep?
What kind of a leitmotif for the ceremony and a party should we choose?
Or maybe this day just about to happen but you’re afraid you have missed something?

Attention to every single detail at each and every stage of a wedding planning and coordination process are last things on the priority list when you would like to manage your event single-handedly.
All of the above and many others constitute matters you are bound to face when you decide to plan and coordinate your wedding day on your own.
To avoid all those excruciatingly challenging tasks you will need me to take this burden off your chest and to enjoy these special moments.

Having wedding dilemmas?

Wereszczyńska will save your day!

There is no greater inspiration than YOU and I relish this opportunity to customize such a special day to your style and taste.

The list of my usual duties is pretty long, therefore let me enumerate the key ones:

  • support the bride and groom throughout the whole process – from the moment of signing a contract to the very final stage of completing the venture;
  • create and develop the style of an event (florists as well as interior designers’ service, selecting stationery which would go in line with the style of an event);
  • prepare an event script and coordinate it step by step,
  • consult your outfit (stylists support, shopping for the one and only wedding dress);
  • help to select wedding rings,
  • arrange hairdresser’s service (a trial and final wedding updo) as well as a make-up artist’s appointment (a trial and final make-up);
  • manage your dance lessons (choreography of your first dance);
  • provide a photographer, cameraman, photobooth, drone of your choosing;
  • arrange artistic and musical setting for the ceremony and a reception (a music band and/or a DJ);
  • manage tables arrangement at a wedding reception hall;
  • organize attractions/entertainment (i.e.: animators for children, barman show, etc.);
  • plan and book newly-weds vehicle and transport for guests;
  • arrange a hotel studio for newly-weds and accomodations for wedding guests;
  • advise a couple regarding wedding souvenirs and thank you cards,
  • assist with a wedding cake, candy buffet and arrange alcoholic drinks;
  • handle final settlement of obligations with subcontractors.

Don’t miss a thing

Completed projects

Palpable satisfaction and happiness of my customers = testimony to my professionalism.
Find below some of the completed projects. Below you can also find styled photoshoots (my vision of a specific style and ideas with a leitmotif). Enjoy!

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Wedding Planner - Weselmy się razem! Karolina Wereszczyńska


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